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Known for our deep experience, professionalism, creativity and strategic thinking, Sharon Jarchin Health Care Marketing (SJHCM) provides excellence in results-driven healthcare and medical marketing services to our clients across the United States. Our award-winning firm provides unique, customized, highly-focused programs designed to increase the profitability of each of our clients in a very challenging, competitive environment. We excel at working with medical practices and facilities including all specialties, as well as healthcare businesses, associations and more.

When it comes to the world of medicine and healthcare, we understand your business and speak your language.

When you become our are our total focus. We will create a custom program for you based on factors such as your geography, specialty, payor mix and the clinical strengths of your organization. Our goal is your success.

We understand the daunting and unprecedented challenges that our clients now face as they rebuild and revitalize their businesses based on the COVID-19 pandemic. With more than 25 years of experience, we are more committed than ever before to helping our clients during this transition back to a new “normal.” Our unique proprietary marketing research tools, sales programs and strategies are already helping clients get back on their feet… helping them to remain competitive, successful and profitable in an evolving healthcare world. We appreciate the trust and confidence our clients place in us as we continue to adapt and pivot our strategies on a moment’s notice.

We know that integrity and reputation are critical to your practice and they are paramount to our firm as well. We work 24/7 to provide the highest level of customer services to our clients.

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  • Pain Management Marketing
  • Anesthesia Marketing
  • ASC Marketing
  • Healthcare Business Marketing
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  • Healthcare Association Marketing
  • Hospital Marketing
  • Behavioral Health Marketing
  • Physician Market Analysis
  • Market Plan Development
  • Proprietary Market Research Surveys
  • Physician Referral Programs
  • Referral List Development
  • Door-to-Door Physician Marketing
  • Consultative Telesales Programs
  • Strategic Database Development
  • Medical Product Marketing
  • Direct Mail Marketing Campaigns
  • Custom Brochure Development
  • Direct Sales Programs
  • Referral Package Development
  • Interactive Web Design
  • Social Media
  • Customer Service Sales Training
  • Strategic Marketing Consultation
  • DTC Marketing
  • Award-Winning Creative Campaigns
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  • Strategic Public Relations
  • Identity/Image
  • Crisis Management
  • Digital/Traditional Advertising
  • Revenue Building Programs
  • Membership Acquisition/Retention
  • Testimonial Campaigns
  • Physician Recruitment
  • TV/Radio Media Buying
  • Admissions/Census Building
  • Association Marketing
  • Mystery Shopping
  • Logo Design
  • Foreign Language Marketing
  • Special Events/Open House
  • Patient Education
  • Advertising Specialties
  • Professional Photography
  • Media Relations
  • Trade Show Development

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