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Sharon Jarchin Health Care Marketing (SJHCM) is an award-winning, full service strategic marketing and sales firm specializing in medical facility marketing.  We develop and execute uniquely successful strategic marketing campaigns for medical facilities and practices to help our clients stay competitive in the marketplace.  Our clients are located throughout the United States and include network-owned hospitals and independent hospitals as well as a range of facilities and practices that are hospital-owned… each with its own challenges.

Our expertise in marketing hospital services is rooted in our unique approach and methodology that includes an analysis of clinical strength opportunities and weaknesses, market demographics, physician network, internal culture and a range of other factors.  Our focus is on increasing surgical volume and occupancy for hospitals, attracting the best physicians for our clients, and brand building.

Our hospital marketing programs are designed to:

Strengthen Your Brand… Branding is critical in healthcare.  It’s your essence and your culture…  and what makes you unique.  We help healthcare facilities to both refine and also promote their brand in everything they do.  As a strategy driven firm, our branding efforts are rooted in research and competition.  We specialize in executing your brand personality -- through mass media, the digital world and internally within your organization -- as we target your constituency base.

Enhanced Surgical Volume/Admissions… Hospitals face many challenges today including declining reimbursements, competition from other hospitals, networks and surgery centers, and unaffiliated medical practices.  The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated financial decline.  Our programs revitalize the image of your hospital in the community, showcase clinical strengths, and attract patients (and physicians) who see your facility as the desired choice for in-patient, ambulatory or other treatment. 

Attract Desirable Physicians and Surgeons… In order to remain viable and competitive, hospitals need to align themselves with the best and brightest in clinical specialties in order to attract patients.  We excel at identifying desirable physicians and surgeons via our proprietary protocol and can reach out to them on your behalf to encourage credentialing and affiliation.

Showcase Specialized Programs and Institutes… Each hospital has its unique strengths and it is often our job to package and present those programs to the public – consumers, the professional medical community and other key audiences -- to stimulate more hospital procedures, cases, consults and more.  Packaging specialized programs or “Centers” can effectively produce a desired increase in surgical volume and revenue.

We appreciate the trust and confidence our clients place in us in this turbulent healthcare economy.  SJHCM can help your hospital navigate and succeed in these uncertain times.

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