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Sharon Jarchin Health Care Marketing (SJHCM) is an award-winning, full service strategic marketing and sales firm specializing in anesthesia, pain management and other medical/surgical specialties. We develop and execute uniquely successful strategic marketing campaigns to help our clients stay competitive in the marketplace. Our clients are located throughout the United States and range from single-anesthesiologist practices to large multi-site anesthesia groups, each with its own challenges.

Our experience in marketing anesthesia has been hugely successful for our clients due to our unique strategic approach to targeting ASC’s and OBS’s that may be looking for new anesthesia services. We market each anesthesia group practice based on their particular strengths and opportunities in the marketplace with a focus on gaining new sites, increasing case volume, anesthesiology subspecialty, payor mix and overall profitability.

Our anesthesia marketing programs are designed to:

Generate New ASC, OBS and Hospital Sites for Your Anesthesia Group… Our goal is to identify and target accredited ambulatory surgery centers, office-based surgical practices and hospitals in your geography based on your preference and staff availability. Using our proprietary methodology we create results-driven strategies to consistently communicate with these surgical sites to generate contract opportunities for our anesthesia group client.

Generate Increased Case Volume… Anesthesia practices face continuing challenges as they strive for increased volume and profitability. We can help you grow your cases and sites while also building strategic focus, awareness and payor mix.

Identify New Anesthesia Contract Opportunities… Perhaps due to the COVID-19 pandemic or for a host of other reasons ASC’s and office-based practices in your geographic catchment area may be looking for a new anesthesia group. They may have a contract renewal they are reconsidering, or deciding to move cases from a surgery center to do in-house in their office. Our strong communication program enables us to develop a powerful rapport with key decision makers and identify leads while selling the benefits of your anesthesia group for developing new contract opportunities.

Enhance Payor Mix… Payor mix is impacted by geography, demographics and participation with commercial insurances, Medicare, Medicaid, Workers Comp, MVA and Out-of-Network reimbursements. We work closely with clients to leverage your payor dynamics in order to best target provider referrals for success.

Strategic Marketing Services for Pain Management Practices:

If you are a private anesthesia group or hospital-based group looking to grow your revenues with a pain management program, we offer the experience and expertise to help you build or enhance a robust pain management practice. Please contact us to discuss our unique pain management marketing methodology and how SJHCM can help you to grow.

We have developed our anesthesia marketing services to benefit our clients whether you have a marketing staff… or not. In fact, we interact seamlessly with each client’s marketing staff, augmenting their success in myriad ways.

We appreciate the trust and confidence our clients place in us in this turbulent healthcare economy. SJHCM can help your anesthesia group practice navigate and succeed in these uncertain times.

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Generating New ASC & OBS Sites for Your Anesthesia Group.
Identifying New Contract Opportunities.

Enhancing Case Volume.
Increasing Revenues and Profitability.

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