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Sharon Jarchin Health Care Marketing (SJHCM) is an award-winning, full service strategic marketing and sales firm specializing with deep roots marketing healthcare associations and non-profits.  We have represented many state, local, and regional associations and non-profits that have given us tasks such as educating the public, communicating with professionals, generating revenue programs, providing advocacy and research, and attracting new members and donors.

Times are challenging for all businesses, including associations and non-profits that depend on the public for attention, awareness and funding.  With the overwhelming amount of information being disseminated due to COVID-19, much of society has become fatigued by the constant bad news of the pandemic.  We can help you stand out and remain strong during this transition to a new “normal”.

Our Association / Non-Profit marketing programs are designed to:

Create Awareness and Branding… What is your mission?  We can assist you in creating an awareness campaign to leverage your opportunities or challenges and attract those people who benefit from your message.  Through our unique methodology including research we are able to identify appropriate target audiences and provide them with the information that motivates them to act… either through mass media advertising, digital advertising, dynamic direct mail or social media.

Attract New Members and Revenues… We excel at helping professional organizations to attract new members or affiliate members.  We utilize a results-driven approach to building a comprehensive database of individuals or businesses whose professional skills align with your mission.  We have helped many associations build their membership by marketing them in a strategic fashion to appropriate constituencies.  Along with new members and affiliate members comes revenue generation.  In these times of economic uncertainty, our creative and innovative programs can help you to meet and surpass your financial goals.

Educational Initiatives… Is your mission to educate the public or professionals regarding the services that you provide?  Are you and your members facing a challenge in the marketplace that you need to rectify?  SJHCM is proud to have developed countless award-winning campaigns to educate, inform and provide resources to consumers or members on a wide variety of services, medical conditions or issues.

Advertising and Media Campaigns… We have created hundreds of award-winning radio, television and newspaper campaigns that are borne out through strategic research and strategy development.  Our campaigns are sensitive, thoughtful and educational, yet vivid and dynamic.  They have been developed to promote an opportunity or address a challenge for a wide range of clients, including those in long term care, fire service, psychiatric care, funeral services, memory disorders, rehab services, medical conditions, hospice, dental, advocacy and legislative issues, and many more.

We appreciate the trust and confidence our clients place in us in this turbulent healthcare economy.  SJHCM can help your association or non-profit navigate and succeed in these uncertain times.

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