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Sharon Jarchin Health Care Marketing (SJHCM) is an award-winning, full service strategic marketing and sales firm specializing in senior living / LTC / mental health facility marketing. In fact, we’re one of the first senior living and nursing home marketing firms in the nation and have been dedicated industry advocates for decades.

We develop and execute uniquely successful strategic marketing campaigns to help our clients stay competitive in the marketplace. Our clients are located in markets throughout the United States and range from privately-owned facilities to corporate and hospital-owned facilities... in both for-profit and non-profit settings.

Our expertise in marketing the full range of healthcare facilities is rooted in our proprietary approach and methodology that often includes specialized market research to analyze the marketplace including competitive facilities and opportunities for unique specialty programs, always with a focus on improving census, professional referrals, family and patient satisfaction, excellence in customer service… and occupancy.

We are proud to be the "speakers of choice" for many facilities, organizations and associations, teaching classes on marketing both healthcare and customer service. We have published many articles on these topics as well.

Our Senior Living / LTC / Behavioral marketing programs are designed to:

Enhance Census… Health care facilities are often faced with a census problem which can be the result of a number of issues. More recently, the COVID-19 pandemic has had wide-reaching impact on many facilities who struggled to maintain occupancy amidst the crisis. We have been working with facilities for many years to provide programs that enhance census and mitigate competition from other facilities.

Develop Professional Referral Relationships… Through a unique methodology that we have refined over the years, we identify all appropriate professional referral sources in the community, including hospitals, physicians, agencies and a range of other professionals, to generate referrals to your facility. This process allows us to develop a customized marketing campaign for your facility targeting a range of individuals in the community who will refer patients/residents. We stay in close communication with your referrers and build and nourish relationships on your behalf… making for a successful referral campaign so that you are never “out of sight, out of mind”.

Showcase Specialized Programs and Launch New Units… We have worked with hundreds of facilities, and no two are alike, each with its own strengths and challenges. We look to see what your “centers of excellence” are and often lead the marketing program with those services to the professional and consumer communities. This can even include a memory unit, rehab unit, hospice or homecare services. We recommend new initiatives to help your facility stand out and market them to the right audience. Our complete facility analysis will help you see opportunities that you might not have otherwise considered. You may be interested in launching new programs, sponsoring community events or affiliating in some way with a medical institution that can even help generate a stream of admissions.

Branding and Community Relations… Many healthcare facilities have received bad press and are stigmatized by negative myths and stereotypes. We can help create a fresh new look, name, logo/brand and mission for your facility and assist you with improved community relations with the media, medical professionals, patients and families.

We appreciate the trust and confidence our clients place in us and are committed to the many clients who depend upon us every day.

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Generating New Admissions.
Developing New Referral Relationships.

Strengthening Census/Occupancy.
Increasing Revenues, Brand Equity and Profitability.

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