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Sharon Jarchin Health Care Marketing (SJHCM) is an award-winning, full service strategic marketing and sales firm specializing in medical facility marketing. We develop and execute uniquely successful strategic marketing campaigns for ambulatory surgery centers and office-based surgical practices to help our clients stay competitive in the marketplace. Our clients are located throughout the United States and include both single specialty ASC's, multispecialty sites and office-based practices, and are owned either independently or by hospitals or management companies.

Our expertise in marketing ASC’s and office-based practices is rooted in our unique approach and methodology of researching, targeting and approaching area physicians to either bring their cases or refer their patients, depending upon the ASC model. We market each ASC based on their strengths and challenges in the marketplace, with a focus on increased case volume, improved scheduling to maximize OR use, and increased referrals.

Our ASC marketing programs are designed to:

Identify New Surgeons to Bring Cases to your ASC… For many ASC’s, revenues and profitability are generated by the cases outside physicians/surgeons bring to the facility. We have been extremely successful at developing databases of potential physicians/surgeons based on the medical specialties of the surgical site… and creating and executing a specialized marketing campaign to convince them to bring their cases to our client ASC/OBS. Often these physicians/surgeons have been doing their cases at their local hospital, or sometimes at another ASC or in their own office, and our marketing program typically references the benefits of bringing cases to our ASC client, including available OR time, predictable scheduling, time savings, convenience and safety.

Generate/Strengthen Physician Referrals… For some office-based surgical practices and ASC’s, generating consistent case referrals from other providers offers a steady stream of revenue. This is particularly true in single specialty offices/ASC’s where services can be marketed to physicians who refer for those types of procedures. We examine current and former referrers, VIP referrers and “drop-down” referrers -- along with potential new referrers -- and stay in touch with them on a regular basis through our proprietary marketing protocol.

Revitalize Physician Relationships… Perhaps due to the COVID-19 pandemic and temporary halt of many elective procedures or for a host of other reasons, your ASC/office may have experienced a decline in cases from area physicians/surgeons. Our research strategies and analysis will identify those physicians who have either stopped referring or dropped off in volume. Our marketing campaign is highly results-driven as we identify and communicate with the physicians to revitalize the relationship on your behalf. This level of customer service often jump starts the relationship and revitalizes case growth, while also cultivating and building relationships with new referrers as well.

Enhance Payor Mix… Payor mix is impacted by geography, demographics and participation with commercial insurances, Medicare, Medicaid, Workers Comp, MVA and Out-of-Network reimbursements. We work closely with clients to leverage your payor dynamics in order to best target case grown and provider referrals for success.

Increase Profitability… Through a matrix of proven marketing and sales strategies – including market research, market analysis, dynamic direct mail, consultative telesales and more – Sharon Jarchin Health Care Marketing can enhance the profitability of your facility/practice.

We appreciate the trust and confidence our clients place in us in this turbulent healthcare economy. SJHCM can help your surgical site navigate and succeed in these uncertain times.

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Generating Surgical Cases from New Surgeons.
Strengthening Physician Referrals.

Revitalizing Physician Relationships.
Increasing Revenues, Brand Equity and Profitability.

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