Anesthesia Marketing

Client Success Stories

Following is a sampling of some of our many anesthesia group clients for which we have developed and executed highly successful marketing and sales campaigns.

Generating New ASC and OBS Sites for a Medium-Size Ambulatory Anesthesia Group

Background: Ambulatory anesthesia group of 15 board-certified anesthesiologists with a quality reputation was looking to expand into new surgical centers and office-based practices. Desired additional penetration into ASC/OBS sites to increase revenues based on specific payor mix criteria relating to medical specialty and insurance mix. Goal was to generate new sites and increase caseload for anesthesia while offering pain management as an ancillary service.

Challenge: Tremendous competition in the marketplace.

Strategy: Developed extensive list database of all ASC and office-based surgical prospects in the market. Designed and distributed anonymous marketing research survey generating strong response which provided excellent market intelligence and a number of direct sales leads from surgeons. Created beautiful anesthesia brochure for sales program along with a comprehensive website including back-end portal for staff case assignments. Launched direct sales program, visiting prospects on behalf of our client along with executing our consultative telesales program, in order to convince site administrators and owners why they should give our client the contract for anesthesia. Marketed pain management where appropriate. On-site and consultative telesales sales program was supported by a comprehensive dynamic direct mail marketing program to all ASC/OBS prospects.

Results: Even with unusually dense competition among anesthesia groups in this marketplace we were able to bring our client more than 20 quality leads within the first six months resulting in six new high-value ASC/OBS contracts. We increased client awareness to the point where almost every surgery center and office-based practice in the market knew of our client, with many strongly considering contracting with our client on an ongoing basis at end of current anesthesia contract period. Client grew anesthesiologist staff to accommodate additional caseload. Ongoing sales campaign continues to generate new ASC clients for this anesthesia group on a regular basis. By leveraging flexibility and range of services we have been able to get this group in the door of many facilities.

Small Anesthesia Group Needed Help Getting New Surgical Sites... and We Delivered

Background: Small anesthesia group with two board-certified anesthesiologists was looking to expand their business into additional surgical sites to build revenues.

Challenge: Highly competitive marketplace with limited awareness of our client among surgeons.

Strategy: After strategizing with client regarding geography and clinical strengths in particular medical specialties, we initiated a marketing research survey that provided strong market intelligence and generated more than 20 direct leads. We then created an anesthesia brochure, simple web page and database of all surgical sites in the region. Executed consultative telesales program supported by direct sales visitation on behalf of client, contacting every ASC/OBS in marketplace that met predetermined criteria. This sales program to surgical sites was supported by an intensive direct mail marketing program as well as an email campaign. Current anesthesia site relationships were enhanced with ancillary services and additional resources to help site maximize reimbursement opportunities.

Results: This successful campaign generated more than 35 leads within the first year, resulting in six new high-value surgery center and office-based surgical clients. Tripled caseload, hired new anesthesiologists and generated an entirely new level of profitability. Ongoing sales and marketing program is bringing in more new clients on a regular basis and establishing relationships with potential sites to coincide with the conclusion of their current anesthesia contracts.

Launching a Large Hospital-Based Anesthesia Group into Ambulatory Setting

Background: Large hospital-based anesthesia group with more than 50 anesthesiologists needed to expand into the ambulatory setting to diminish reliance on hospital-only contract and increase overall revenues. Formed separate ambulatory anesthesia practice, assigned several anesthesiologists to new venture and put the entire program in our hands.

Challenge: No ambulatory clients, no awareness of new company in the community.

Strategy: We created an extensive database of all ASC and office-based surgical prospects in the market. Designed and distributed anonymous market research survey generating strong response and providing excellent market intelligence as well as initial leads. Created anesthesia brochures for various markets, in several languages, along with interactive website. Launched strategic direct mail marketing program to all ASC/OBS prospects based on sophisticated matrix criteria including medical specialties, payor mix, competition, etc., while leveraging reputation of affiliated hospital-based anesthesia group. Supported direct mail with ASC trade show marketing, study group marketing and limited advertising in professional niche surgical publications.

Results: Hugely successful campaign that generated strong awareness in the market along with a large number of highly qualified leads from surgeons at ambulatory surgery centers and office-based practices. Generated so many new ASC and OBS clients and cases that the ambulatory anesthesia company brought in a large number of additional anesthesiologists from hospital-based group to support this profitable new business.

CRNA Group Needed Help Landing New ASC/OBS Sites

Background: CRNA group owned by 2 practicing CRNAs looking to increase business by obtaining new contracts in area surgery centers.

Challenge: Tremendous competition, long term contracts and loyalty to existing anesthesia providers proved to be a challenging obstacle for client.

Strategy: We created an extensive database of all area ambulatory surgery center and office-based surgical practice sites and were able to identify multiple decision makers and key personnel at each location. We developed marketing materials showcasing the benefits of working with our client and launched a strategic marketing campaign which included dynamic direct mail along with a robust consultative telesales program targeted to each of these sites. When we called and introduced our client’s services we were able to reach one of the key people by asking for them directly. We were able to learn and track who had contracts with whom and also when those contracts were up for renegotiation. We also came across sites that were unhappy with their current anesthesia provider and others that were in the market for a new anesthesia group but were hesitant to call one directly. We immediately passed on all leads to the anesthesia group principals who met with management of the ASC or OBS.

Results: Over the course of the first year of the marketing program we were able to get our client two GI contracts, two busy ophthalmology sites and one large multi-specialty ASC. The aggregate revenues for our client for these sites was over $2M.

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