Neurosurgery/Spine Marketing


Sharon Jarchin Health Care Marketing (SJHCM) develops and implements highly successful neurosurgery/spine marketing programs and protocols that are customized for each of our clients. We can function as your “in-house” marketing department or work collaboratively with your marketing team to enhance their efforts. Our programs are strategically focused, cost-effective and results-driven.

Our Award-Winning Strategies Include:

Physician Referral Programs

Marketing Plan Development

Strategic Marketing Consultation

Referral Generation Consultative Telesales and Fulfillment

Direct On-Site Visitation and/or Virtual Meetings with Physician Offices

DoctorIntelSM Market Research Physician Survey
(Lead Generation / Practice Intelligence)

Comprehensive Physician List / Database Development

High-Impact Direct Mail Campaigns

Specialized Programs for VIP, Former and “Drop-Off” Physician Referrers

Custom Neurosurgery / Spine Practice Brochure Development

Referral Marketing Fulfillment Package Development

Referral Segmentation Analysis

Competitive Neurosurgery or OrthoSpine Practice Analysis

Specialized Attorney / Chiropractor Programs for Workers Comp / MVA

Telehealth Marketing

Pre-Auth and Physician Portal Marketing

Social Media

Interactive Website Development

Acquisition / Merger / Expansion Positioning

New Location Launch

New Affiliation / Staff / Service Announcement

Staff Sales Training

Customer Service Training

RFP Proposal Development

Patient Communications

Public Relations / Advertising

Generating New Referrals and Cases.
Building Physician Relationships.

Enhancing Payor Mix.
Increasing Revenues and Profitability.

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